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Official Photos

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His & Hers

Ahhh, married life.  It truly is joyful.  We haven’t tried to steam roll any daisies, and Nate’s Pascalian brilliance has actually served us well (thanks, Rev. PL).  We are still (and always will be) learning to act in humility (see Philippians 2).  We are happy to report that we’ve returned to Dallas from our honeymoon in Washington, DC.  Our adventures consisted of many things… Evensong at the National Cathedral, Indian food that will make you slap your mama, and a butterfly pavillion that passed with flying colors (feel the flutter!).

Our apartment is starting to take shape, although we have limited space.  The circumstances are quite nice, especially with the in-pantry washer & dryer!  We have also  installed our Ebay-acquired Calphalon pot rack, which goes nicely with our zoning required Turbosuck Flame Smasher (appropriate for capping off a Bethlehem Steel blast furnace).

We are looking forward to a Saturday when we don’t have anything to accomplish.  We still have to tackle the “man cave,” which has become our walk-in junk drawer.  Eventually it will be a great guest room – so start planning a visit!

It was wonderful seeing so many friends and family members at our wedding.  A special shout-out to the folks who traveled from outside the Republic!

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Our new blog

Welcome to our new blog.